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We are traditional couple seeking kind hearted woman who is willing to be our surrogate carrier and help us to have our first child. We live in Brooklyn, NY and we have frozen embryos in NYC clinic waiting for you. Your pregnancy will be monitored, cared for and delivered by your own OB-Gyn. We prefer gestational surrogate who already had one healthy uncomplicated surrogacy pregnancy. We are looking for surrogate with health insurance that covers surrogacy and who is willing to transfer 2 embryos at time. Our doctor will not consider surrogate with 6 pregnancies or more.
Please include your name, age, your compensation preference and where you reside.
We prefer our gestational surrogate to be from NJ, CT, as well as RI, PA, DE, NH, ME, MD state but other surrogacy friendly states will be considered.
Thank you

  • Created: 09-29-19
  • Last Login: 12-01-19

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