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Don S

If you're looking for a sperm donor, I'd like to offer my services. I'm in NY/NJ

- Proven sperm donor material (two healthy smart kids I'm raising, plus successfully served as a donor for 3 couples)
- Virile (all those kids were conceived from the first or second try)
- Artificial insemination preferred.
- I don't want/need parental rights. I'm just a DNA provider.

- Successful in life (stable family, graduate degree, professional career, healthy)
- Other markers of good genetics (musical talent, academic achievements, high IQ)

- STD free and have tests to prove it.
- In great health (according to my doctor's annual physical).
- Great family health history. No hereditary illnesses. No major illnesses. Two of my grandparents lived past age 90.
- Active (daily bicycle rider, run/walk/swim a lot).
- Attractive, in good shape.

- I'm willing to meet more than once if you want that to ensure better chances of conceiving.
- I don't ask for anything.
- I'm serious about my role as a donor, and reliable.
- I guarantee a phone call within 2 days of initial email and donation no later than 1 week after (often, I can donate same/next day)

  • Created: 04-06-18
  • Last Login: 05-08-18

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