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The woman That helps me create and bring a life into this world has to be health has to have good hygiene has to be caring and nice and considerate has to be a good person, I'm only saying this because i have heard stories. Im looking for a traditional surrogate who is latina or hispanic, please no agency the agency charge a lot of money. Im looking for a ts who is willing to help me a single man become a father and start my family I'm choosing this way because i want to raise my kid without the drama from having a baby mother constantly fighting you on how to raise the child and un necessary fighting and so on, i want to be a single parent Finding the right person to have a kid with and start a family takes time, I'm 28 i don't want to be to old by the time i start a family and i want to have kids so they can get to meet there grandmother and so she can meet them because time goes by fast i don't want my kids come into this world never getting the chance to meet there grandmother, out of all my siblings im the only one that grew up not knowing any of my grandparents because they passed when i was a baby, growing up hearing kids talk about there grandparents i felt left out i don't want that for my future kids. So to the woman who chooses to help me you don't know how much this would mean to me and how grateful i would be.

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