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Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists is working with an amazing gay couple, “P” and “A.”
“A,” originally from Spain, and “P,” originally from Italy, met in 2008 during an educational exchange program that brought “P” to Spain. “P” had to return to Italy to finish his studies so they decided to have a long distance relationship. Two years later, they were finally back living in the same city of Madrid.
The two have many passions in common; they enjoy engineering, travel, the ocean, sports, and animals. Their families were very supportive of their relationship, and the two got married during the summer of 2018.
They feel they have built a solid base and are comfortable shaping their next goal: a family.
“P” and “A” have the resources to pay you a generous fee in addition to all medical, legal, travel and other miscellaneous expenses.         

If you would like to learn more about “P” and “A” you can either reply directly to this ad or apply online at and our surrogate coordinator will contact you to assist with the application process and answer any questions you may have. BONUSES AVAILABLE ONCE MATCHED.A $500 bonus is available if you submit all your application/forms within two weeks of submitting the initial application. Additional $500 bonus available upon verification that your health insurance can be used to cover surrogacy.

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