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My husband Chris and I became pregnant in May 2017. At about 23 weeks, after a perfect pregnancy, I started feeling terrible, short of breath, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep and it turned out that I had an extremely rare heart condition that caused pregnancy-induced heart failure. I went into the hospital on November 2 and required an emergency c-section to save my life just hours later.

Our daughter Avery Jean was born stillborn at 24 weeks on November 3, 2017.

We have been told that the likelihood of the heart failure recurring in a new pregnancy is 67%. I am 100% healthy when not pregnant, but for whatever reason my heart did not respond well to being pregnant at all.

After months of emotional and physical healing we are near the end of our IVF cycle and should have healthy embryos ready by mid-August. We are actively looking for a surrogate to carry our baby.

Location does not matter for us given the right match of a surrogate. We live in Southern California and have an amazing lawyer who specializes in domestic surrogacy that is willing to act as our "agency" to protect the surrogate and make sure everyone is happy and comfortable throughout the process.

We are looking for someone to help us create the family that we were so close to having last year. We are fun, athletic, outdoorsy types who cannot wait to become parents. We have a huge family and friend base here in California but prefer to have a surrogate outside of our large inner circle.

Please message me if you would like to know anything about me and my husband or if you think you might be able to help us.

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