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Shanna Meeks



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I am a very healthy mom to 3 amazing boys. My hubby and I have completed our family and don't plan to have any more children (unless we hit the lottery!)

I had 3 easy pregnancies, 3 easy deliveries, and have 3 amazing, healthy, crazy boys as a result. I LOVED being pregnant and am happy to offer being a GS for a loving, devoted family/person needing assistance in the pregnancy department. This is my first go round with being a Gestational Surrogate, but I have been researching this tremendously to get an idea of what it will entail. 

I realize there are a ton of questions you might have for me, that I am happy to answer. Please feel free to privately email me and I am happy to discuss myself further, video chat, email, text whatever works for you! Again, this is my first time, so I'm new to all of this. 

Let me tell you just a little bit about myself. Again, I am 35 with 3 healthy children. I have no major health issues - I take medicine for an underactive thyroid, and I have sleep apnea for which I use a cpap machine, none of which has any bearing on a pregnancy. I went through 3 pregnancies taking my thyroid medicine, which has no negative impact on the pregnancy according to both my PCP and OBGYN. 

In the upcoming days/weeks I will be speaking with my OB to get a letter of authorization saying there is no reason why I couldn't be a surrogate - but knowing my health I have no worries about this. 

I will say up front that I am going through this independently for a couple of reasons - I think making someone pay extra just to use an agency is additional money out of your pocket that is unnecessary when we can simply go the legal route via a Surrogacy attorney ourselves and come to an agreement, sign legal documents without paying a company thousands of dollars. Reason #2 is that I don't meet the weight requirement for agencies. I am 5'10" and am about 270 lbs. I was actually a little heavier than this during all 3 of my pregnancies, but have been losing weight this past few months thanks to Weight Watchers! Just want you to know that I am not some 130 lb tiny thing LOL!!

In any case, I would love to speak with you if my weight has not scared you off! Please feel free to email me with any other questions you have of me. I am happy to be fully up front with you about everything about myself, so no questions are too personal considering what we are looking at embarking on together. I want this to be a nice, slow, comfortable process for both you and I. 

I currently run a home daycare, so I am preferring someone local because I am not going to have the flexibility to be flying out of state for meeting the IP/family and for multiple appointments. If you are willing to come to me to meet, and or would be willing to have procedures done locally for me, I am happy to consider families that are out of state as well. I just need to make sure this would be a plausible scenario that does not put me out of business in the process!!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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